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Welcome to bommoi, Singapore’s premier destination for Korean literature lovers. Nestled in the heart of the city, our bookstore offers a wide array of Korean books, from best-selling novels and timeless classics to intriguing non-fiction and engaging children’s stories. Whether you’re a fluent Korean speaker, a language learner, or simply a fan of Korean culture, our carefully curated collection promises something for everyone.

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Yuree Hwang

Half of my family lives in Korea and another half in America. I was born in the United States, completed my studies in Korea, started working in the States, and now living in Singapore. Currently, I live with my husband, two children, one cat, a small aquarium, and various tropical plants.. My daily reflection on the identity of ex-pat/immigrant Koreans led me to start bommoi.

Ynok Kim

I have lived my life slowly moving, almost tracing the map of Korea since I was born. My hobby is to obsess over all kinds of information, and it seems like there’s a correlation between the two. I studied physics and mathematics, and for nearly a decade, I taught math to students preparing for college entrance exams. During that short but intense period, I realized how rapidly the way children perceive the world and acquire knowledge is changing. This realization led me to become involved in the Bommoy project.