café bommoi

Whether you’re here to delve into a new book you’ve just picked up from our shelves or to enjoy a quiet moment of reflection, our café offers the perfect setting. Enjoy your drink in a calm environment, surrounded by the soft rustle of pages and the subtle aroma of brewing tea. Don’t forget to check out some interesting reading pieces our curator arranged in our lounge!

Meet our brands

Our comprehensive suite of professional services caters to a diverse clientele, ranging from homeowners to commercial developers.


  • ‘Chasigan’ present traditional tea using Korean organic ingredients with Korean tea master


  • Having a cup of tea may seem like a small act, but moments that change someone’s life often arise from seemingly insignificant events and fleeting moments. altdif will be there with you during these small moments of change in your life.

wake the crew coffee

  • At Wake The Crew, we understand the struggle of busy professionals who crave a great cup of coffee but are always on the go. We created our coffee with the busy consumer in mind – the hustlers, the caffeine addicts, and those who want to start their day right. We’ve made it effortlessly enjoyable for you.